Advertising is an important communication tool for companies, as it is a creative way to display information about a product, service or cause. 

Advertising is everywhere - sprinkled throughout social media, cluttering our email inboxes, all over the TV  (in commercials and TV shows), spread throughout magazines, and also travels by word of mouth. Advertising is meant to inform, influence and inspire, with the end goal being to convert viewers to buyers and believers. 

I've selected a few different types of neat advertisements from popular brands that were released in 2017 below. 


Heinz 'Pass the Heinz' 

Ran as print and outdoor ads in NYC, Heinz featured its first campaign that didn't include ketchup. 

This ad is great as it doesn't feature the product being promoted but you are aware of the message behind the image. 



Nestle KitKat

​When's the last time you heard an audio commercial? KitKat took a break from visual advertising in this short and sweet radio styled ad for Valentines Day.



Audio advertising is a great way to get into an audience's mind as a lot can be said in 30 seconds. 




The popular hosting company, airbnb, focused on portraying their listings as places to live and not just 'stay', encouraging clients to experience new places like a real, resident. 


image 1


The company seeks to promote living like a local, instead of traveling like a tourist in this campaign regardless of how many nights you stay.



Volvo 'Moments'

A great auto ad, highlights events of a females life, from a child to an adult and ends with an event, prevented reminding us all on how important car safety is. 



Although Volvo didn't display their product until the very end of the commercial, they did a good job at resonating with their audience and reminding them that safety comes first. 



Apple 'Shot on an iPhone' 

Apple had photographers around the world capture images on their iPhones on the same day, and selected the images that would be featured on billboards across the world, promoting their product. 

Apple impressed their audience with this user generated approach to advertising. 


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