There seems to be a denial of people in the world of windows to recognize the paradigm shift in the way day-to-day business is being done and information is being accessed. 

There is no better way to access information than the internet – convenience and accessibility is trumping the trumpeting IT directors and managers whom continue to cite ‘security’ as the reason to hold back.  But Google not only recognized the paradigm shift, they monitored it and flew into the clouds early.

google searchGoogle has taken their initial core expertise, search, and then leveraged these capabilities to create a mail platform where one finds information not by sorting and filtering, but by dynamically searching and relating.  Add in document management and online simultaneous collaboration on docs, IM, and Google Voice and you have all your communication needs in one place. The Google cloud-based apps platform is slowly encroaching on the tried, true and tired heavy installs.  The IT guys living an exchange kind of life during the day, are closet Gmail users and lovers in all other facets of their online existence.   And watch out, because Google mobile, which will leverage their mapping with their search directory information, will combine with Google Wallet to make for similarly brilliant, information-based, mobile experiences.  While I haven’t checked if there is a deal done yet, surely there is a car manufacturer whom has the foresight to seal the deal to create the next OnSTAR Google style - the OS for your car, open standards of course, and brilliantly accessing and reporting the information you need as you are driving. 

Google is in the business of information – they took the ‘information age’, recognized the need to change the way we access it and they owned it - and your access to it.  Don't be evil. Ok. I’ll buy that, but only if you admit your goal is to index the world and make it only Google accessible – by user choice of course, which makes you not so evil.  But by nature, it has some evil to it, as anyone with that much information has too much power – which can be construed and defined as evil – but brilliantly evil with the brightest and friendliest of faces, and in the coolest of ways – so we don’t really think you are evil.  We love you Google for helping us get at information in cool and not so evil ways.

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