Traditionally, web designers and their clients had to make a choice: create rich media Flash interactive / animated sites or, build their websites for search engine optimization.


Because Flash files are self contained, search engines like Google were not able to read the text that it displayed. A beautiful Flash website couldn't compete for listings on Google with a simple black and white page with well-written content.


Enter HTML5...


HTML5 is the markup language for the next generation of web design. It allows for Flash-like rich media, without segregating content from what the search engines can read. We can now build in all the glitz of a Flash website while keeping in step with SEO best practices.


Even the makers of Flash, Adobe, has jumped on the HTML5 bandwagon and are developing a new product called Edge for Authoring Flash-like websites using HTML5.


For people who build sites, it's exciting to have access to a new set of tools for doing what was previously impossible. For our clients, this means that you can have it all: interactive beauty and SEO brawn.



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