The game has changed and conversations powered by technology have become
the way for companies and people to connect. Effective interactive digital engagement is
informative, artful, and powerful. A persuasive way to build brands, you can influence purchasing
behaviour, establish thought patterns and generate buzz for your products and services.

Buzz Machine Services

Social Media Marketing & Management

Define your social media strategy, brand your channels, establish your voice, develop your editorial calendar, prioritize your posts, and manage your social media.

Digital Campaigns & Advertising

Create compelling campaigns, landing pages and digital advertising designed to capture attention and inspire action. 

Search Engine Marketing & SEO

Activate advertising tactics with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with PPC adds or paid search phrases (Adwords) to bring you traffic. Combine with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to 'organically' attract traffic without paid advertising.

Monitoring Metrics & Analytics

Monitoring with the right analytics platforms can bring your strategy full circle, with the metrics you need to close the loop on your marketing, communications and digital engagement initiatives.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augment reality (AR) with digital elements created to modify real live views, on screens with devices, cameras and smartphones. Create a Virtual Reality (VR) with completely immersive experience replacing real life environments with imaginary spaces and places.

Interactive Digital Displays

Interactive digital displays can be as tiny as the smallest smartphones or as big as the largest digital wall screens. Interact with simple gesture and touch technology or gamification experiences.

New Media Public Relations

With public relations expertise, a creative strategy, and content plan your S.W.O.T. - Social Web Operations Team - will rally together with a common vision. Discover transformational ways to extend your brand, your reach and your connection.

Content Creation & Content Curation

Content creation in strategic digital copywriting, content curation in sharing on brand external social posts and digital discussions, need to align with marketing, communications, customer service, and sales strategies.

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collaborations Case Study

Canada Summer Games

The community engagement surrounding #WeRally2021 generated over 2,800,000 impressions with nearly 1,250,000 accounts reached in only two months trending #1 in Canada on Twitter on selection day. The hashtag was utilized by top level influencers, Olympians, CBC and network media outlets and three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.


collaborations Case Study
York University #YUBelong

York University, one of Canada's largest universities is located in the heart of Toronto. The campaign for the Women and Girls in Leadership and Sport Conference promotes resilience and breaking barriers to strive for equality and inclusivity for women and girls, by empowering them within athletics and showing them #YUBelong

collaborations Case Study
Canadian Legend David Edgar

English professional footballer David Edgar is a Canadian legend. His first pitch experience was lacing up for Newcastle within the toughest premier league to defend the likes of Cristiano Renaldo and Wayne Rooney. Two decades later a grassroots homecoming campaign celebrated his career, mentored young footballers and supported his future career in professional coaching and training.

collaborations Case Study
Mandy Bujold's Road to Rio

Messages posted online were sent directly to Mandy’s email, auto posted to Twitter @mandybujold and collected at #Msgs4Mandy. A personal connection was made via YouTube with Mandy Minutes. Each evening, Mandy gave personal recaps of her day to give fans a
behind the scenes view of her training, experiences in the Olympic village and her thoughts leading up to and
after each fight.

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An innovative look at one of the most important crises in the 20th century … chronicling the hidden details of the Cuban missile crisis.

Errol Morris, Academy Award Winning Director of The Fog of War

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  • The Armageddon Letters


chatter Article

A Game Changing Experience

An invitation to the premiere showing of the Game Changers was an honour. Presented by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul — a revolutionary film about plant based food and nutrition changes the thinking on strength, protein, and the performance of elite athletes.

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There are always challenges in business and there is no need to face them on their own. We can give you good company, great work or just a person to lean on for a quick question or help figuring out a problem.


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For a successful technology, reality must take precedent over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.

Richard Feynman