In order for awareness campaigns to be successful, they need to resonate with individuals therefore they must be thought out creatively. By understanding the cause, target audience, overall message and/or action needed, one is able to create a strong awareness campaign.

Top five awareness campaigns of 2015. 


6. The Last Selfie, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Snapchat selfies disappear after ten seconds, which relates to the fact endangered species are disappearing too. By encouraging followers to share the snaps of animals facing extinction, WWF is able to bring awareness to them. Incorporating the post popular social channel (Snapchat) with the selfie phenomenon was clever as WWF was able to create a campaign that reached global audience while at the same time being a reflection of real life. 



7. Make Safe Happen, Nationwide


This campaign was created to cause conversation surrounding children, home safety and insurance. Though Make Safe Happen received a lot of controversy because of its topic and target, it was able to resonate with majority of its viewers because child safety is a reality many deal with daily. No, having insurance cannot replace a lost child but it could, and does, provide protection. Though some may disagree, the overall message of this campaign was to create awareness for child safety by preventing injuries.



8. Street Corners, Depaul Nightstop Project


Street Corners was created in order to change perceptions and promote volunteering involving homeless youth. By placing posters around the city on various corners where the homeless slept, Depaul was able to tell two stories. The first part of the message was negative, as it displayed words that made sentences of some stereotypes surrounding homelessness. The second message displayed all words positioned on the corner making even bigger sentences - but this time positive and informative, creating hope for the homeless. The craft and consciousness behind this campaign allowed for it to spread nationally resulting in more youth sleeping off of the streets. 



9. Emily’s Oz, Comcast Xfinity


Emily's Oz is an advertisement of a blind girl who describes what it’s like for her when she watches Wizard of Oz. This was created in attempt to show what it's like for a blind person watching TV - using their imagination to paint their own picture. Comcast created this ad as a way to explain and portray the background behind Xfinity (a talking guide which gives those visually impaired features and freedom to explore movies and shows). 



10.Uber Safe, Uber


There's been much skepticism surrounding Uber and its safety - rather than acknowledging ways Uber is safe. The campaign showed how supportive Uber is of safety by installing a breathalyzer downtown Toronto - those who blew over received a free ride home, arriving to their destinations alive.




Be sure to view our final five fave campaigns of 2015 on creative, next week.

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