Social media engagement is an important marketing strategy for all businesses as the traditional way to engage and market to a desired audience has changed over the years. Content must be curated and crafted in creative ways as well as the captions that accompany them. 


Ways to Encourage Engagement



Comments & Conversations 


Be open to joining conversations as well as creating conversations for your audience to participate in. Keep them open to not filter anyone out and consider including a hashtag to create a collection of all comments that may be circulating online regarding the conversation you started. By chiming into conversations, you are offering information as well as gaining exposure. 




Create a contest for your audience that offers an incentive they want. Examples could include: 

  • a tour of the company
  • to be included in the next event
  • to take over a social channel for a day
  • or perhaps some company swag
One cannot put up a post and simply expect engagement. 



The internet is for sharing and sourcing information so take advantage of the many types of Q&A's circulating. Maybe host a Q&A once a month, or invite a guest speaker or influencer to take over the channel for a certain amount of time. 


Perhaps creatively ask questions surrounding favourite apps or website features and why those are their favourites. Pose questions that people will want to offer their opinions on.




Create and join them. Choosing to create a group allows one to control and monitor the conversations. Join a few groups ot be active in, gets your name out there as you comment in conversations, where a comment could be directing members to view content on your company page. 


Consider following trending hashtags in your region, or even regions you have interest in doing business with.


Polls & Surveys 


Majority of people always willing to participate in polls and let you know what they like and why, especially if they are a true fan to your brand. 


Consider using a survey maker like Survey Monkey to assist. 

Remember, many referrals and purchases are based on peer to peer promotion of products and services.


Select a Strategy  


If you need assistance building your brand, protecting your assets or gaining organic growth, contact a Buzz Machine specialist today. 

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