The Christmas season is not all glitter and gold. It is also a prime opportunity for advertisers to tug at our emotional heartstrings and have us trading tinsel for tissue, as we watch emotional Christmas ads.


Christmas is a favourite holiday to many, bringing happiness and joy, however, it is can also be a sad season for those who will not be able to celebrate with family, friends or loved ones. Advertisers are aware of our holiday emotions, and create unique storytelling opportunities to compete for our attention by taking advantage of compelling content that resonates with us. The following Christmas sadvertisments are a great example of companies who know how to captivate our attention, deliver a powerful message and create a great message we can't help but share.

Warning: by watching these videos we are not responsible for your tears.

This heartbreaking ad from German company Edeka is about a lonely elderly man whose only Christmas wish is to spend the holiday with his family.  Watch the video to see if his Christmas wish come true, or if it is too late for his family to all spend Christmas together.



Why we are mad about #heimkommen:


This ad not only touched our hearts, it also touched our phones and made reach out to our parents and grandparents. It does a great job of showing how busy life can be, but that we should never forget family and be too busy to share special moments and continue to memories with them.

If you already know about John Lewis, you will know this company is known for delivering powerful Christmas ads. Year after year it delivers solid Christmas campaigns about the important things that matter and the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 is no exception. Don't believe us? Have a look for yourself.


Why we are mad about #ManOnTheMoon:


This ad takes a really creative approach on reinforcing that no one wants to be alone, especially during the holidays. Social media is proof of the power of connecting with people, and we are fortunate that we don't need a telescope to see loved ones during the holidays, we just need technology.


While Edeka and John Lewis both used an elderly man to display the emotion of being alone over Christmas, Vodafone Ireland went in a different direction in its ad:



Why we are mad about Dear Santa...

While this ad does show the power of a phone call, we like how Vodafone takes technology a step further and reinforces that the "best call is made in person." We couldn't agree more.


Below is our YouTube collection of all our favourite Christmas Video Campaigns in 2015. These videos successfully target audiences, break through the noise and generate media coverage.



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