The Dog Days are Over 

Do you remember watching music videos on TV? I recently wrote about the Top Twitter Tunes Of Summer 16, and included our teams favourite tunes. While we were chatting about music, we took a walk down memory lane and were reminded of the days when you would have to turn on the TV to see the latest music videos and performances from your favourite artists. 

Gone are the days when you needed cable television to watch music videos on channels like MTV and Much Music. Nowadays, if you want to see your favourite artist perform or discover rising talent covering hit songs, you can simply log on to YouTube

Let’s Get Digital 

Our world is becoming more digitally connected and people are used to accessing content when they want, where they want and on the device they want. Music videos are no exception. In fact MuchMusic and MTV stopped showing music videos on their stations in 2014. 

It is no surprise that George Stroumboulopoulos, a former MuchMusic VJ and TV personality, is once again getting with the times. He is using YouTube to reinvent himself, and for good reason. 

In a recent YouTube infographic Google is reporting: 

  • 75% of daily Canadian users visit YouTube several times a day
  • Canadian millennials say they turn to YouTube for more content categories than they do TV
  • 81% of Canadian Gen Xers use YouTube monthly
  • 80% watch YouTube on their smartphones
  • One in four Gen Xers watch less traditional TV because of YouTube
  • Digital video in general is up 44% over the last four years, with mobile video up 127% over the same time period 
  • YouTube reached 6.4 million Canadian adults over the age of 50 this past June

George Stroumboulopoulos, who's latest gig was the host of Hockey Night In Canada, is returning to his musical roots and making the shift from from the television screen to the computer screen. He will be broadcasting live music on a YouTube Channel called Strombo Sessions

It appears that George Stroumboulopoulos might be on to something other traditional TV hosts should consider.

To learn the YouTube lingo and learn more facts about the popular storytelling platform check out our YouTube Mad Recap 

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