Snapchat Stories, Vine Videos and YouTube was the eighth part of our Social Media Madness Series. We explored each platform in depth - from an initial overview of the platform to the different ways brands have approached it to advertise.

One may find content ranging from music videos, TV clips, blogs, vlogs and educational videos. Popular types of video focus on beauty and fashion tips, entertainment and music. 

What is YouTube?


Case Studies

The Ellen Show

This channel has amazing segmentation featuring new videos daily. For marketing and awareness, The Ellen Show YouTube channel aligns with other social channels, linking people and sites together (by sharing YouTube videos on Twitter and hash-tagging other people in the video brings traffic back to YouTube, increasing the video views).


Go Pro

The brand creates exciting content featuring views from their product(s). Each video is clean and clear, portraying what their high quality cameras can do. For example, The video Pelicans Learn to Fly has over 5 million views due to the approach they took to promoting their camera product and being able to tap into the emotions of the audience. 



Apple dominates their YouTube channel by dedicating different channels to different countries, keeping their playlists clean, and consistently focusing on different Apple products.  



A Mad Hatter favourite, WestJet is engaging and inviting to its YouTube audience. From emotional user generated stories and content, to contests and captivating views from travels across the globe the brand doesn't have to do much to get their content shared.

 YouTube allows users to socialize, watch random content or subscribe for free. 


Michelle Phan

Michelle is a well known beauty vlogger and YouTube personality who demonstrates makeup tutorials along with beauty, fashion, wellness, knowledge and art vlogs. She began with a webcam and grainy make-up video and within in the first week she had 40, 000 views and hundreds of comments - she now has over 8 million subscribers. 

YouTube is video sharing website where users share a variety of user generated content. 

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is a musician and one of the top earning YouTube stars. She has over seven million subscribers and became internet famous by showcasing her original choreographed videos performed by herself while playing the violin. Due to the popularity and reach of her YouTube channel has resulted in her releasing two albums and going on a world tour.


City of Toronto

The City of Toronto was used as an example due to its large following and frequency of posts. The City of Toronto stays current, and updates their audience of events happening in the city, both exciting and serious. 



Minecraft is a Swedish computer game which has captured the minds of children across the globe. The YouTube channel has more than 70 million videos and is seen as a learning tool where users use screencasting  (a software that records what’s happening on screen while someone playing, player usually narrates what’s happening on the screen, combined with how to navigate as well as users own tips.

Fast Facts

  • Created 2005
  • 1+ billion users
  • Almost 5 billion videos viewed a day
  • 400+ hours of video uploaded/minute
  • Navigate in 76+ languages
  • 40 minute sessions (average)
  • ‘Hello’ by Adele 100 million+ views in five days
  • Most watched non-music video ‘Charlie bit my finger’

Learning the Lingo

  • channel - users page/account that hosts their videos
  • Subscriber - someone who ‘follows’ your channel and gets an update each time you post something new
  • embedding - code used to place video elsewhere
  • favourites - collection of videos you ‘favourite; for easy viewing access
  • playlist- way to organize videos, kind of like organizing email
YouTube is not just video sharing and social network, it is a sea of information and entertainment, run by kids, brands and oddballs.


  • YouTube space team - focused on helping creators make great content through strategic programs and workshops
  • in-search shows up above YouTube search results
  • in-slate shows up in suggested video after video has ended
  • in-display shows up on the suggested videos beside the video you are watching
  • advertisers look at YouTube to target and reach large audiences
  • companies, musicians and film distributors use as free advertising
  • owners or popular channels eligible to receive percentage

Mad Takeaways

  • portray ideal lifestyle (that user will have after using your product/service)
  • do something unique (to show how reliable/original product is)
  • keep a well organized page (to keeping users engaged)
  • include call to action (direct audience what to do next)
  • customize channel (include colour, links and images)
  • put thought into titles 


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