As I approach almost two years of being an avid Mac user, the release of the new MacBook pro has me excited and eager to head to the Apple store and familiarize myself with their newest device. 


The new MacBook has a few neat features such as a touch bar, fingerprint id and a longer battery life - which we will explore in depth below. 

Touch Bar

Hands down the most feature, the MacBook Pro's new touch bar features retina display and operates off of gestures and tap. The touch bar offers functions that can be compared to those of an iPhone - for example when one is watching a movie / show the touch bar will offer video playback and control options, or when editing an image the touch bar will feature menu options that relate to image editing tools. 


The touch bar replaces the key functions that have been located at the top of your keyboard in the past, as well, the  actual keyboard will be much more responsive.




The speakers on this device are twice as powerful as the ones on the current model, allowing for listening of music, movies and podcasts to be more enjoyable.


This upgrade will be appreciated, especially by the audience that uses their Mac for music (mixing and editing). 



Fingerprint ID

The newest edition of the MacBook Pro is equipped with fingerprint security, resembling the option newer iPhone owners have to access their device quickly.  The touch ID will also give users access to login to applications and make purchases. 


The fingerprint ID has the ability to recognize different finger prints, and open to that specific persons account on the computer upon touch ID approval. 



Startup Chime 

The sound the computer makes upon start up has been removed, as the MacBook Pro will automatically start up once opened - regardless if it was completely off or was in sleeping mode.


In the past this trademarked sound has been expected as a sign that the machine is working without any complications. 



Thunderbolt Port 

This port is universal as well as reversible, so regardless of how you insert your connection, it will always correctly fit. 



Mad Specs 

  • fingerprint id
  • touch bar
  • thunderbolt port
  • intelligent typing
  • key for SIRI
  • ​machine is thinner, faster and brighter
  • longer battery life 
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