The snow has melted, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Along with smells and sights of spring, there's pollen in the air. We all know spring cleaning means your closet, home and car, but you should take time to spring clean your electronic devices and social media accounts too. 

Take in our tips below! 
  • Delete cookies and clear browser history - to speed up your device
  • Remove unwanted / unused applications - to create space and speed up your device 
  • Back up data to the cloud - to ensure it is safe if anything were to happen to your device
  • Organize emails by adding filters / tags - for easy access and management 
  • Organize images on computer and transfer to a USB - for additional space and to backup 
  • Unclutter cords with cable organizers - for a neat workspace 
  • Change all online / device passwords - to confirm privacy 
  • Perform computer system updates - to ensure device is working at maximum efficiency 
  • Organize / create desktop folders - quick access 
  • Sync phone to computer - to back up mobile images and videos 
  • Invest in an air pressure - to clean keyboards and hard to reach ports 
  • Notifications - review settings and remove ones you do not need or overlook, for different social media accounts
  • Accounts - remove accounts from devices and / or temporarily disable accounts you no longer use 


Bring Spring into Your Home 

The collection below is from artist and designer Beth Esponnette, who creates products made of natural and synthetic materials that allow you to bring the outside, inside for flavour and functionality. 




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