Well Jon Snow, winter has come. And I, for one, am no fan. But, like most techies on this side of the 49th parallel, I’ve compiled my list of top three survival technology solutions to get me through the winter. From wearables to applications, there are a whole host of technology solutions changing the way that we survive through the winter. I’ve rounded up my favorite winter technology solutions for apps, wearables, and Bluetooth - if there’s only room for three things on your winter survival to-purchase list, make it these three.


Application: TouchPlow



The Uber of snow removal, TouchPlow pairs you with a snow clearance professional. You set up a regular subscription with a particular person or just use the services as you need. Either way you use it, this simple app allows you to stay toasty and warm, be it enjoying a cup of coffee while someone handles the driveway or knowing you have precious extra minutes in bed as the walkway has already been cleared. With over 80 cities in Ontario using TouchPlow is the perfect winter gift for all us living in the Snow Belt and beyond.


Wearable: ThermalTech



ThermalTech infuses solar technology with winter wear, making it one of my favorite uses for solar technology. In two minutes, the jacket will warm you up an additional 20 degrees Fahrenheit. ThermalTech fabric is a fabric that combines 100% stainless steel mesh and an unique coating that rapidly heats up when exposed to body heat (infrared radiation) or sunlight (UV). They also have bonus points for creating a durable, and washable material that still can get me from frigid to toasty in two minutes flat.


Bluetooth: Thermacell




Thermacell, hands down, has created the technology that no one would ever think to create but we all desperately need in our lives: rechargeable, heated insoles. I’m not talking about a “buy a new one every night” kind of solution but a 2,500 hour, water resistant, molded and cushion pieces of heaven. With a five hour charge that you can turn on and off, these babies will keep you warm no matter if you are going for a long hike, shovelling the driveway, or working outdoors. And if that isn’t the gift that keeps on giving, I don’t know what is!  

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