Though summer isn't officially over until September 21st, it tends to feel like fall for many of us. Students are back to school, summer shorts are stored away and Halloween decorations are already on store shelves. 


Labour Day weekend was as long as it was lovely, but as we fall into fall, leaves begin to change colour and tech trends seem to have sprung into action. 


As much as I hate to say 'see you later' to summer sixteen, I know that each season we experience entails some form of warmth. 


Great Gadgets

Digital Student - JanSport Pack 

Designed with tech in mind, this backpack offers a removable sleeve for a 15" laptop, access to a main compartment and in the front of the pack an organizer with slots to place your tech devices and cords, safe and secure. 



These backpacks come in many different designs and start selling around $55. 


Wearable Watches

Though popular for quite some time now, wearable watches have been redesigned this season to include a circular face - which many wearers wanted. 


Pricing varies depending on the brand / style of watch you want. 


Yoga Tab 3 Plus 

The Yoga Tab 3 Plus was introduced at the IFA Conference that occurred in Berlin. Levono introduced many neat products but the Yoga Tab 3 Plus seemed to be the neatest. Specifically built for media, this device has a 10" screen and 18 hours of battery life and four different resting positions for you to choose from in order to be most comfortable when using your device. 


Starting at $300 in early October, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is sure to be a seller. 


3D Printing

Though 3D pictures have been around for awhile, but using them in educational institutions to bring ideas to life, is trending. 3D printers are being used to assist with engineering skills and projects. Having a 3D printer allows for and encourages experiential learning. 


The price of these machines was high, but is becoming more affordable though they range from $500 - $2 000. 


Awesome Apps 

WhatsApp, Messaging App 

WhatsApp is great for collaborations. If you need to stay in touch with family while away or organize all content from group members in a specific class - this app is for you. 


Automatically saves images  and other media, and can also filter through chats in order to find for something specific - WhatsApp is free and fun to use. 


Mint, Budgeting App

Mint is great at assisting with finances - it allows you to see all of your financial information / accounts in once place. The application can assist with setting budgets, viewing all financial accounts in one area and understanding where money is being spent - along with suggestions of where and how to save. 


Check out one or a few of any of these upcoming tech events in Waterloo Region. 

September 10th - 24th - Geek Week 

Geek Week is a great period of time where a collection of different cultured 'geeks' come together to share and ideas and inspiration as to what's next for Waterloo Region. 


September 14th - Waterloo Innovation Summit

The Waterloo Innovation Summit occurs over a two day period and brings out the best of influencers in the area to discuss developing products, disruptions and demand. 


September 20th - Communitech Tech Jam

Hiring and networking event which connects businesses with the best in Waterloo Region. 


September 20th - Mentoring Events (with Women in Tech)

An excellent opportunity to mingle with women in the tech field with questions and conversations. 


October 13th - Techtoberfest

Techtoberfest is a two day event full of startups and investors in and around the Region of Waterloo.



Mad Hatter will be present at Geek Week this year, with our very own Agency Director on the panel along with Erik O'Neill, Jessica Chalk, Sanj Rajput, Bob Starr and the moderator, Karl Allen-Muncey. 

Check out event details here if you'd like to join us. 


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