A growing number of promising apps are popping up on the design world, some of which deserves a mention. Stencil, a tool from a company that goes by Morpholio is taking tracing images and digital stenciling to another level.



‘Stencil’ is a customizable stencil that allows the user to trace and customize their digital creations. The tool is built into the already popular Trace App and capable of turning images into custom templates within seconds. Trace App contains eight built in pen types, four of which are pencil, charcoal, marker and brush. These add-ons allow for quick and easy image customization and detail rich artwork.


The way it works is pretty straight forward. Basically, Stencil turns your device into a scanner and a digital laser cutter. You scan any desired image, or shape via the built in app. Once scanned, the image can be traced and customized to taste, and transformed into a stencil. Once a stencil template is finished, it can be exported as a PDF or shared to social media channels and cloud services.


“Creating stencils sits perfectly between the architect’s sketch and the quick photo. You’re trying to capture something – a texture, pattern, or detail that you want to use. Sketching is great, but slow. Taking a photo buries it in the photo album. Generating a stencil automatically creates an incredible tool that you can utilize in various ways. The stencil is the quickest path to distil an image into an actionable idea.” – Mark Collins, Stencil Co-creator. 


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