Every designer has had moments when they wondered what cool font is being used on that amazing book cover they just saw, or gone through sampling colours. At times, we get to the bottom of the mystery pretty quickly. However, it can be an especially tedious and long process when it comes to fonts.


Just imagine if there was a simple tool that can detect and name fonts and colours just by looking at them! Well, now there is: Spector.


Spector reading fonts and uploading them into InDesign


 Spector can collect colours and fonts


Fiona O’Leary, a student of the Royal College of Arts, developed Spector, a “physical eyedropper tool”.


Although Spector is still in the early stages, it is already able to identify fonts and colour values. It has a camera inside that captures the sample and send it directly to InDesign. By the looks of it, the tool is set to make quite a splash in the design world. Not bad for a working prototype.

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