Snowden was released this past weekend and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than to take in the movie about the man who created all kinds of conversation across the globe when he leaked private NSA information in 2013. 

A touchy and technical topic, Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the NSA - though some would argue he told the truth. Snowden is now said to be working on Constitution guidelines and since the whistle blowing, online security agencies have seen growth in service requests. 

Directed by Oliver Stone and filmed in Germany, Snowden is already being called one of the best movies of the year by Fox TV. Snowden trusted the Director and film crew and worked with them over the script to make more realistic. 

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, be sure to check it out below then head to the theater to get your ticket! 

This event in history involving technology reminds us that though we don't voluntarily give away information, we are vulnerable when we post, send or share information online. 

Tech Talk 

There is a lot of technology behind the scenes of the #Snowden movie. Find my three favourites below. 

1. Stickers 

The two stickers on Snowden's laptop in the movie are from two different organizations, Electronic Frontier Foundation (influential civil rights group) and TOR (gives people access to internet without displaying their location or browsing habits). 

2. Realistic Images 

Snowden assisted movie directors with crafting screens to replicate ones at NSA. 

3. Hacker Talk 

Majority of the movie refrained from terms that relate to the underground hacker community, but a few terms were slipped in from Edward Snowden himself such as 'snarfing the hardware ID' and 'zero day exploit codes'. 

Fast Facts 

  • Snowden was 29 at the time he leaked the information to The Guardian 
  • Snowden was a computer professional 
  • Movie peeks into the culture of hackers and technology 
  • Edward Snowden actually revised and edited parts of the script 
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