We've been creating photo albums on Facebook showcasing chapters of our life. We've been crafting text to paint a picture of what we'd like to share, or what we are thinking in 140 characters. We started sharing snaps - brief video clips or still images of what is occurring in that exact moment, possibly highlighted with some text. With all of the social sharing applications available that allow us to share images, audio, text and timed video, it was only a matter of time before Periscope was presented.

Periscope, an extension of Twitter, is a live video streaming application that shares a link to your live stream on your Twitter profile. It was created when one of the founder's experienced frustration after being unable to view any video footage of the protests occurring in Istanbul on Twitter (while he was able to read tweets surrounding the protest, he wanted a visual of what was occurring).

This application allows account holders to live stream to a public or private audience by sharing the link via Twitter. Viewers can appreciate streams by sending a 'heart' (similar to Facebook and Instagram 'likes'). As with most social accounts, there is an option to block specific viewers from viewing your stream. 

Launched in March 2015, Periscope had 10 million account registrations within the first 24 hours it launched. Currently, there are over ten million accounts, two million active users each day, with over 350k hours of video being streamed - daily. 

Though there have been copyright concerns surrounding private events, Periscope informs its users that their account risks cancelation or suspension if caught live streaming private events (streaming Pay-Per-View fights and events or streaming of TV shows). 

Mad Facts

  • available on iPhone and Android
  • 2015 Apple named it App of the year
  • can stream live from GoPro
  • consider setting bench mark times to obtain more engagement
  • option to save videos to phone camera roll
  • app saves videos for 24 hours after live stream has occurred
  • take time to create compelling titles 

As a live video broadcasting service, Periscope contributes to methods of news and information being shared and interacted with. Live streaming capabilities allow for the creation and curation of all types of information (silly and serious) and has even been compared to a 'personal TV station'. 

I feel like people appreciate Periscope's real time live stream more than other social channels as there is no room for edits - the content being shared is raw and allows for errors, not omissions.

Follow Periscope on Twitter, they even have separate channels to keep conversations separate. 
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