As a public relations professional, clients often ask me what it takes to get media coverage. While this is not a simple question to answer, the best advice I have on how to get coverage is to put yourself in the journalists shoes. To do so, you need to understand their profession and what makes something ‘newsworthy.'


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There are many things that journalists are trained to look for when deciding what to cover, and timing is everything. One key thing journalists consider is if a story is timely or relevant.


If you have news you want to share, you need to know that breaking news trumps everything else, and in this case ‘pun intended.’ Since the U.S. Presidential Election is a very hot topic and Americans are heading to the polls tomorrow, it will be very hard to get your news noticed by daily media outlets since they are busy reporting about the candidates.


There are some ways to get coverage, including presenting your product or service in an interesting way that ties into a current event, or what industry folks refer to as 'newsjacking.'


That is exactly what Landon Meier did. He makes masks for a living and recently earned coverage on outlets including CNN. You might be wondering how a mask maker was able to make headlines, but if you use timely events and get creative you could get media attention too.


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You see, Landon Meier made a realistic Donald Trump mask with a hefty $4500 price tag, and whether or not it sells, the coverage he earned is priceless!



Mad Takeaways: If something is happening in the news that relates to your business, find an interesting way to tie it in because what is news today is not always newsworthy next week.  

If you want to know how to tie your product or service into a timely or relevant event to make it newsworthy, contact us today. Creativity is our craft.

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