Waterloo Region now has the largest development office for Google in Canada.  Steven Gregory Woods is responsible for leading engineering activities at Google’s swanky new Waterloo office.  A Canadian entrepreneur, Steven joined Google in 2008, and after leaving the region after graduating from the University of Waterloo,, and spending decades in Silicon Valley, he has returned to the region to lead the local research and development focused team. 

Google is currently looking to fill the following roles and resumes are due November 30th, 2015. 

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Fast & Fun Facts

  • Google acquired a local Waterloo mobile technology company in 2005
  • Currently Google employs 240 with room to expand to 1000 local employees
  • 19,000 employees at Googleplex headquarters in California
  • Pet Policy - Google has a dog friendly environment - promoting loyalty and playfulness
  • 57, 100 employees worldwide (July 2015)

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