Have you ever thought you saw something that is supposed to be still, move? Cinemagraphs are an emerging trend in digital art. Unique, custom, cool, intriguing and entertaining - the new wave of art is inspiring and attractive in workplaces and homes. 


Get out GIF, there's a new illusion in town. 

A cinemagraph is can best be described as a still image, with minor and / or subtle movement. These are created in a way that a selected part of a picture is, moving. Due to how the photograph is taken or segment is recorded, repetitive / continued motion appears to allow for photos to be brought to life - in a sense, the image is able to express itself.  


The term was introduced in 2011 by two men who attempted to add animations to news and imagery. Essentially, a cinemagraph is 'seamless loop of frames' that operates off of a battery and hung in a frame on the wall to add ambiance to a room. 



Cinemagraphs are a combination of picture, video and still imagery. The image appears to come to life over a short and subtle period of time. The slight animation that occurs appeals to the viewers eye and captures them to come closer or continue to take in the image over a period of time. 


Click here to see how Stuart Weitzman used cinemgraphs in an Instagram ad campaign to draw attention to footwear. 



Collections range from video, morph art, cinemagraphchrono art, clock art and classic art. 


View Klio's entire collection of expressive art here



 This new art experience is sure to begin conversation and spark curiosity, as well as add an element of 'cool' where ever you install it. 

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