Content Creation, Curation and Consistency was the ninth part of our Social Media Madness Series. We explored the 4C's in depth including how to incorporate them into your brand's strategy. 


The creation, curation and consistency of the content your company produces makes your brand online. 




The audience decides what types of content will be produced as they are the ones who interact with and share your posts.  




Content Curation


People panic and think they must create all content from scratch when using content created by other brands, individuals and organizations (that align with your company strategy) is the norm.



Content Creation


If it is challenging to find time to create quality content consider assigning content and channels to individuals. 



Content Consistency


It isn’t enough to simply post a blog three times a week. A great content strategy requires a variety of tactics in order to be something other than ‘noise'.



Fast Facts

  • informative - successful content will bring insight to the audience; educational or informative that cannot be found elsewhere, does well
  • entertaining - people appreciate what makes them think and feel; content that resonates with the audience will be remembered
  • relevance - sharing content regarding what is trending, occurring and appropriate matters
  • consistency - people like patterns and expect you to be consistent on your channels; changing too much or often doesn’t appeal to audiences so try to find a repeatable system
  • honesty - have opinion and personality but never offend others 



Case Studies

The Naked CEO 

Targeted at students and young professionals, The Naked CEO gives an honest perspective on successes and failures people experience as they attempt to become better leaders. Great way to express thought leadership that is genuine, not calculated.


iQ by Intel

iQ is a publishing platform consisting of content produced and curated by the company's researchers and engineers. This is great as people in the field are circulating content they appreciate. Original and aggregated content is ideal in order to connect with an audience. A company collective voice is a great approach to your strategy. 


General Electric

GE provides thought and conversation surrounding technology and sustainability exchanged between employees. This way of providing information for their audience is appealing and attractive. 



Oreo has a great content marketing strategy across all platforms. The brand has a content managing/marketing team that tackles social media outlets in an extremely effective manner. 



GoPro's social media channels all offer style and personality while catering to an audience that is excited, eager and explorative. The brand consistently produces short and compelling content as well as using user generated content. 







Curation Tools



Storify is a content marketing and engagement platform that assists with conservation, curation, and advertising. The platform allows you to craft stories and collaborate.



Pocket was founded in 2007 as a means to help people save interesting content in various forms for later. Known as a 'save for later' application, Pocket allows users to save content that can be viewed from any device at a later time. This app has more than 22 million users and is integrated with more than 1500 apps. -is a content curation service that allows you to publish newspapers based on topics that are relevant to your company. The platform allows you to provide fresh news daily that is curated by people, not machines. 


Editorial Calendar


Having an editorial calendar can save you time through the efficient scheduling and posting of social content. This means you can be organized while you: 

  • Research and plan
  • Create and curate
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Analyze results


Types of posts

  • Visual  - infographic, video, picture gallery, webinar, feature audience images on site/profile
  • Audio - podcast, interview
  • How to - get a lot of shares and likes
  • Quizzes - engagement
  • Blogs - readable content 



Mad Takeaways

  • Create a keyword bank

- make one with terms relevant to business, five strong ones cluster of other ones

- when labeling posts you need to be specific


  • Engagement

- when a topic gets a lot of engagement, explore it further

- experiment with a variety of content but be good at one type (how to, top ten etc), frequency pattern


  • Know your audience

- who they are, what they want and when they will be accessing it

- know who you want to be reading your content, ideal, know background, demographic and identifiers

- highlight the ones relevant to your business (where is your audience, who do you want to reach, what type of content are you pushing)


  • Story telling

- people love stories as it’s a form of history, content should be able to contribute to the conversation, tell a story that matters - company history, current event, make headline

- meet the audience and attract attention, offer practical information or maybe a membership - tips offered from those who join

- sharing curated content, share a few words and the link for content

- attention grabbing title results in shares, ask experts or influencers to contribute


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