Through scanning comic books, many people learn to read and piece together sentences. It is a really neat concept that Apple decided to release its developer guidelines though a visual story. 

Apple decided to take a new approach to their updated guidelines; a visual story comic book style that engages individuals regarding important topics. This this visual comic book is both appealing and approachable. 

The comic book version includes the same amount of words as the only text document. 

For the five different topics, the 36 page book includes five styles / stories with different visuals.

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Businesses
  • Design 
  • Legal 

This comic book styled guideline was created by Madefire  - a storytelling app / website for digital comics. The company aims to revolutionize the reading experience. 


View this short video to learn how the comic book style guideline was introduced at Apple's keynote that took place last week. 


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