The HIVE is a wonderful experience because it takes you into this wonderful world where you are actually, physically immersed within 3D virtual environment.


 I tried to describe this to the person on the phone and it felt like an old Abbot and Costello skit.  He insisted that they had the ability for the user to "go into" the 3D model and move through it.  I explained that the human can actually "walk into" the 3D model and really physically move through the model.  


When you work around an advanced technology community, you forget that most people have never experienced this technology before and perhaps can't even imagine what can be achieved when technology and "solution opportunities" collide.  For example, if you have a VRML, AUTODESK or GOOGLE Sketch-Up 3D output file, you can rent time at the HIVE to allow your customer to be physically immersed in your engineering design so that they can experience it in a life-size scenario and request adjustments early in the design process to reduce costs of changing specifications later in process.


Recently, Jenn E Norton (the Christie Digital Artist in Residence) created an amazing installation for the Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area international biennial exhibition (CAFKA 11).  It was called Tesseract and by walking into the HIVE wearing digital 3D glasses, you were able to explore a 4D cube in 3D. 


While the images and videos of the installation are gorgeous, they don't capture what it is like to be able to stand within this immersive environment and actually experience what it's like to move around within the structure. You can start outside the structure, and use the hand-held controls to move INTO the structure, move around in it and actually see what the tesseract looks like inside and out.


Contact us if you want to load your 3D design into the HIVE and we can help you experience the wonder of being immersed in a virtual world.

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