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The Hatters' Christmas Countdown

Here at MadHatter, we're big fans of celebrating the magic around us as often as possible. As we near one of the most magical times of the year, our team wanted to share all the things that get us excited for the holidays.

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Build Your Buzz

Marketing Technology Series Part 1
People are talking, and your business needs to join the conversation!

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Untangling the Web

Marketing Technology Series Part 2
LOCATION: Communitech HUB Pollock Room, 151 Charles St. West - Suite 100, Kitchener, ON. N2G 1H6

Mobile Mania

Marketing Technology Series Part 3
We are global citizens and our world is getting smaller as we are constantly on the lookout to keep up.

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Start Your Engines

Marketing Technology Series Part 4
LOCATION: Communitech HUB Pollock Room, 151 Charles St. West - Suite 100, Kitchener, ON. N2G 1H6

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Digital eMotion

Marketing Technology Series Part 5
LOCATION: Communitech HUB Pollock Room, 151 Charles St. West - Suite 100, Kitchener, ON. N2G 1H6

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Inspiring Women Event

Melanie and Nicole R attended the ninth annual Inspiring Women Event

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The Collision of Art, Economy & Technology

Entrenched in a period considered by many as one of the greatest collaborations of intellect and creativity of all time, the Renaissance gave way to some of the greatest art in history. Unbeknownst to many, the innovation and ingenuity of this time was financed by the entrepreneurialism and economic strategies.

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A Game Changing Experience

The Game Changers tells the story of James Wilks — elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner — as he travels the world on a quest to uncover the optimal diet for human performance.

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The Mobile Strategy Of The Cross Platform Web App

Design thinking is a methodology we use to inspire creative thinking in both marketing and technology engagements.

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A New Take On An Old Org Chart

At least within our corner of the world, we have redefined the classic organizational chart. The classic visual showcasing by its very visual the ‘top down’ view of those viewed as the most important people at the top of the company and those felt to be lower in rank or role at the bottom.

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Inspired by Entrepreneurial Spirit

Located within the Waterloo to Toronto technology region known as The Corridor, which has gained international recognition, we find a strength and competitive advantage resides within our experience and place within this innovation district.

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A Safe Place to Call Home

Marillac Place supports new and expectant young mothers and mothers-to-be facing homelessness by providing a safe living space, parenting support, development of life skills and positive relationships.

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CURIEosity is named for Marie Curie, the only woman to be awarded two noble prizes in Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911). Hundreds of high school girls were brought together to uncover how crimes are investigated with forensic science, discover the world of aerospace engineering, understand the importance of patents in biotechnology and learn how ColdFX was invented.

Back to School Tech 2018

As we approach the final few weeks of summer, students and parents are beginning to shop for back to school items. Along with a beloved backpack, awesome agenda, and some noise blocking headphones - check out the tech items listed below that will make returning to school a little more, exciting.   Bluetooth Speaker…

3 Stellar Student Recruitment Campaigns using Social Media

When trying to attract the next generation of post-secondary students, student recruitment strategies need to be as tech savvy as their prospective students. The usual strategies can come off as bland or dated. The following universities are changing the ways that social media can be used in your student recruitment strategy. Georgetown Stories…

Firstnet: The Communication Asset for First Responders

Have you ever been at fireworks and or a concert and have not been able to get any reception? Well imagine paramedics, firefighters, and police officers experiencing the same thing when trying to evacuate an area or get someone to the hospital quickly in order to save their life. These are lags in communications are quite frankly something that…

Mad Team Building

Most Monday mornings after our production meeting, the Mad Hatters do a team building activity. The purpose of the team building activity is to get to know each team members preferences and priorities when it comes to work flow. Each Monday the Mad Hatters have a potluck, each team member brings food to share as well as stories about their weekend…

What You Need to Know About the Dog Squad

Thanks to technology, police services have been able to run more efficiently as well as provide a safer environment for its police men and women. But what about their fellow dog officers? Well, just like any other police officers, technology has incorporated its way into helping K9 units, but in order to know more, you have to have a better…

Red, Blue, and Green? How Patrol Cars are Going Hybrid

  It is 2017 and everything that goes on in the world is usually done so while being environmentally conscientious. The push for eco-friendly development is a top priority more than it ever has been before. Ford has recently released a new police responder hybrid sedan, that is part of the 4.3 billion dollar movement in going green. A…