Most Monday mornings after our production meeting, the Mad Hatters do a team building activity. The purpose of the team building activity is to get to know each team members preferences and priorities when it comes to work flow. Each Monday the Mad Hatters have a potluck, each team member brings food to share as well as stories about their weekend, or things they are anticipating. 


Also, about once every three months, a team event is organized which takes place outside of work hours. We've been bowling, kayaking and  At these events we share lots of laughs and are able to learn about each others personalities, outside of a work environment. 


The activities we complete are fun, informative and allow us to learn more about the people we work beside each day. 
"The cards are meant as a tool to help co-workers better handle internal problems and reach collective goals".

Team building activities are necessary in work environments, as you spend majority of your time each day with the same individuals, either working closely together or in constant communication. 


Questions & Empathy recently released a deck of cards that will help colleagues learn about each other as individuals. The cards encourage people to leave their comfort zones, and have open and honest conversations where trust and knowledge of self and others is built. 


Along with learning, these cards encourage growth, exploration and empathy within a workplace when everyone participates and provides honest answers. 


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