We are tech junkies and always searching for new ways to improve how we share interesting articles and collaborate as a team. Like us, your internal communications strategy might include weekly meetings, email, intranets such as Igloo, and/or mobile apps such as Slack and Pocket to name a few. However, if you want to keep it simple, consider using a social media platform that you are already using.  

Pinterest, which gained popularity for its handy DIY projects and visual boards, also serves as an easy tool to save interesting links that you come across on the internet. All you need is a Pinterest account.

  • Mad Tip: If you are going to use Pinterest for your organization we recommend creating a business account. This will give you access to website analytics and the ability to add your logo to any Pin that came from your site.
  • Mad Tip: You can save time by simply using the Pinterest button to keep all links such as articles, videos and images in a board.

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      Reduce email overload

      If you are currently using email as a way to share links with your team, you will find Pinterest to be a welcomed alternative.

      By saving all related links in a central location you will reduce email overload and your team won’t need to feel like they need to make time to read a long internal email thread. Instead, your team can visit the board when it is convenient for them and find all the links, saving the company time and money.

      • Mad Tip: Pinterest is a handy way to save links, as it is available on desktop, tablet and mobile, allowing users to Pin from any device anywhere.  


      Everyone can contribute

      Another benefit to using Pinterest as an internal communications tool to save links is its ability to include your team. You can invite employees via email to contribute to group boards and avoid having to share company credentials. By including your team and making it easy for them to contribute you will have better engagement.

      • Mad Tip: You can decide if and when you would like Pinterest boards to become public or private. The choice is up to you.


      Great way to learn how to use Pinterest for Business

      Pinterest is a popular social media outlet, however, some members of your team might have never used it before. By including Pinterest in the internal communications strategy and encouraging your team to use it to save links, your team will become very familiar with the platform. This could be beneficial, as there are many ways for companies to use Pinterest for Business and your team might discover new ways to boost business using Pinterest.

      If you would like to learn more about how you can include Pinterest in your business objectives or how you can leverage other social media platforms that you are currently using, our team would be happy to help. Contact us today and a member of our Buzz Machine team will help you get started.

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