As we reach exactly two weeks and one day into the new year -  it’s a friendly reminder that all time does is fly.


Remember your Walkman? Nintendo 64? First Apple product? Be it a desktop Mac or a hot pink iPod. 


Take a look at these neat trends below occurring in the tech sphere.


Smart Home Technology

The internet of things isn't new, yet has been becoming bigger, especially within homes. Your home isn’t just a place to stay, it suddenly becomes active and engaged - assisting you in your day to day.


Think Comcast, Google Home, Philip’s Hue lights, Amazon Echo and plugs that have the ability to adapt devices into ‘smart devices’.


Virtual reality

Pokemon go was as phenomenon that consumed adults and children alike. Lot’s of devices and tech options are exploring this area and seeking new ways to display information, images, and virtual objects are to individuals in a realistic way.




Replacing human completed tasks - Automated customer service can be frustrating, but said to become much better this year due to chatbots that can comprehend context much better. We already are connected and have suggestions coming into us in the form of alerts, news, ads and virtual assistants that aren’t only in movies or our smartphones, they exist in our homes and watches. 


Data collected and curated for us will continue to be more aligned with our searches and personal interests.  



Everything on Demand

Remember much on demand? It didn’t take long for everything to become available on demand. Our devices have the ability to connect us to anything within minutes - our expectations never exceed what can be done.



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