Recently, I have been enjoying the benefits of Siri. When I want to know if a store is open, the date a movie was released or confirm information my friends and I are discussing, I ask Siri for the answer.


We have Google Maps, Google Search, Google Mail and Google Earth and now, we welcome Google Home & Assistance into our homes to assist us with our day to day tasks. With a built in speaker and an ability to search Google directly, Google Home is definitely an asset to ones home environment. 


Google Home 

Google Home allows you to control many aspects of the home from a central panel / device. For example, you and tell her what to do - from suggesting a specific playlist gets playing in a room, to changing the time of events in your calendar to listening to notifications. You have the ability to direct Google Home to text people, reply to emails, share and show you information (on your living room TV for example).


Google Home and Assistance was released last week and can be compared to Amazon’s Alexa.



Once 'Ok Google' is said, the device activates and attempts to complete whichever action you've given it. 


Assistant has over 10 years of language processing in its database, and knows 70 billion facts. If you ask Assistant something it doesn't know, it will search Google until it is able to provide you with an answer. 


If you happen to miss all or some of the response given, you may say 'repeat that' within a short time frame and Assistant will repeat the last answer for you. 


Google Home gives you the ability to:

  • Track package locations
  • Receive traffic updates and route suggestions
  • Receive any information you would search in Google for
  • Receive email and phone notifications
  • Turn lights on in selected rooms 
  • Play music in selected rooms 
Google Home is customizable. There are a various colours of fabric and metal swap out pieces that may be purchases aside from the standard grey fabric one it comes with in order to make it resemble art, not another device, in your home where you choose to place it. 


Mad Specs 

  • Has a built in speaker (plays from YouTube, Google Play Music and Spotify for example)
  • Customizable - can change standard grey fabric out and swap with a different colour or shade of metal
  • Cord tucked into the back underneath device
  • One button - to select mute or un-mute the device
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