For the Canada 3.0 and SIGGraph 2011 conferences, Christie Digital wanted to do something different than a vendor booth.


Mad Hatter Technology suggested taking existing Christie Digital marketing videos and editing them to adapt into a non-rectangular digital display.


This bookshelf was custom built to support this unique snake configuration with 11 Christie Digital MicroTiles.


We then spliced and mixed videos and still images of a variety of Christie Digital installations to demonstrate visually the "Many Faces of Christie Digital".



As you can see in this video loop, we played with various arrangements of the content to demonstrate that with the MicroTiles, you were able to break out of the standard rectangular BOX and create a visually exciting multi-dimensional experience for the viewers.


In the section that highlights the MicroTiles, we've displayed images of what the tiles look on the inside and played with virtually "sliding" the screen aside to show the image of what the projector looks like. This ads an extra layer of playing with reality vs. illusion.


Originally designed to be a silent display booth, we added a customized sound track to make the video of the installation more entertaining. The sound track was composed to capture the mood of each section of the video.

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