Be it you love it, hate it or don't care for it at all - Valentine's Day is tomorrow and will be celebrated with chocolates, kisses and flowers, everywhere. 

If you haven't prepared already, here are some neat gift ideas that will last beyond February 14th, 2017. 

For Him 

Air plant  

Air plants are flowers, for men. Get your green guy an air plant for their office, a fresh reminder that they remain on your mind. 


Portable Projector

Who wouldn't want one? A portable projector allows one to project anything, anywhere with this handy and affordable device.  


For Her 

Social Media Mittens 

Keep her fingers warm while she updates her status and selfies online. 


LED lighting case

For those above mentioned selfies, nothing like being the on to provide her with LED phone case to provide light on the go. 


Mobile Printer 

Again, for those above mentioned selfies, why not include a printer for the go for personal pictures, not to be posted.


For Them 

Subscription Box

With so many varieties, it won't be hard to sign your loved one up for a subscription box that will be special to them. Once you make your selection and pay, you sit back and wait for their smiles to be delivered. 


Wireless Headphones 

Cords cause clutter, so what better way to keep the noise than providing your special someone with some wireless headphones. 


Laptop Bag 

Can be custom, classic or creative - a great way to protect your loved ones beloved device. 


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