Christmas is Coming ❄️

As we look forward to welcoming the first of December this week, we unpack the holiday decor, stock up on hot chocolate and marshmallows and warm the car a little longer in the morning. 


Though the holiday season means many things to different people - to me it is the approach to the end of the year that calls for celebration, reflection and family. 


I decided it would be fitting, to focus this week's blog post on the creative relating to Christmas that has began to circulate for the season. 


Apple participated in creating a Christmas advertisement this year. A man who spends majority of his time alone, is given the gift of company. Though he usually spends the holiday by himself, has a phone and gets a few gifts in the mail - he lacked the personal connection we need.



This warming advert reminds up that connections are everywhere and and everybody needs embraces warmth. 



John Lewis

This brand took a silly spin on their Christmas advertisement by featuring a dog as the main focus. 



This reminds up that animals are part of our family and it's good to give gifts that everyone finds enjoyable. 




Mulberry created an ad starring child actors, portraying what 'coming home for the holidays' could look like for some families. Regardless of the time spent away, or bickering between loved ones, the reminder is that it's the stuff on the inside, that matters most. 



Mulberry does a great job at depicting what holidays can be like in some homes - but despite the nit picking is is, inside that counts. 




A robin takes flight across the country, viewing all different scenes, animals and weather.  He ends up injured and once helped by the human hand he is back on his way. A little girl patiently awaits his return, with a baked pie in the backyard for him and a fellow robin.



This ad hits home, as it reminds us that we each endure something different during our travel home for the holidays. 


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Be sure to check out or Chatter section next week as I will follow up with a Christmas wish list for the tech heads you know. 

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