We are completely in love with Christie Digital MicroTiles. The design of the MicroTile itself is a engineering work of art that supports simple.


Installation, flexible arrangements of the tiles, and overall excellence that can only be seen as you are installing them.  With the modular design of the components of the MicroTile, maintenance and repair is low-cost and very simple.  


What really excites us though is the infinite creativity that it supports.  Using the MicroTiles and building them into your architectural designs allows organizations to create an environment that is dynamic, fresh and engaging.  As you can see in this video, the tiles have been installed as part of the wall and the content has been designed to play a continuously landscape of gorgeous simulated environments.


This video is a timelapse view of R2WInc assembling a wall of MicroTiles.  Notice how they fit together easily like building blocks.



Our dream project would be to design a giant Lego installation that incorporates MicroTiles in the design and adds an element of interactivity that draws the viewer into the experience of the exhibit.  


We are currently working with a research team out of the University of Waterloo.  The program is called Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity and it focuses on seeding new business opportunities within the Interactive Digital Display verticle. The program takes existing technology products (such as the Christie Digital MicroTiles and interactive gesture cameras) and combines them to create new experiences.  


They also do research to determine the market viability of the solution or identify new market segments for the mashup of technology.  Christie Digital MicroTiles are a delight to work with because of the scalability and high quality image that they project.  Take a view moments to cruise through YouTube and see how many unique marketing displays have been created using the MicroTiles. You will be delighted!

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