Let's begin by giving Lowry uber kudos for scoring just less than half of the teams points during game four of the NBA Conference Finals. The Toronto Raptor's played hard the entire game, representing the North, resulting in a well deserved win for Toronto. 


"Basically, we were a team that completely lacked an identity" - Patrick Patterson

The term #wetheNorth was introduced as a saying that embraces the things that make us, the north. The head of the Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment knew the Toronto Raptors would need something fresh and new that would not only align with the sport played and country being represented - it had to resonate with the people being represented in order for them to represent their team. #wetheNorth was therefore invented, as a way to celebrate and embrace the only Canadian team in the NBA. 


Canadian sports teams are under looked often so building a brand that created a buzz was necessary to keep up excitement other teams in the playoffs had surrounding them. Keeping your brand current creates a conversation. A thought or symbol that can represent your brand and trigger people to remember you within seconds.  #wetheNorth was chosen as it is simple to retain yet represents many Canadian things - weather, swag, pride and hero's to name a few. #wetheNorth became much more than a trendy tagline we learned to attach to the team - it became a discussion as well as a movement. 


This video is an example of excellent branding, showing viewers behind the scenes shots of team members playing basketball around Toronto. 

#wetheother was recently coined when CBS created a fan poll that listed potential winners of the 2016 winner of the NBA title, failing to include the Raptors. Option D instead D was listed as 'other'. Toronto Mayor John Tory wrote a letter to the Chairman of CBS sports which basically acknowledged the jab and expressed that Toronto was a massive city with plenty of talent and doesn't appreciate being over-looked.


The Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri has even drafted permission slip styled templates for letters and emails in as an attempt to assist in getting fans out of work so that they may support the team. 

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