Snapchat Stories, Vine Videos and YouTube was the eighth part of our Social Media Madness Series. We explored each platform in depth - from an initial overview of the platform to the different ways brands have approached it to advertise.

Launched in 2013, Vine is a downloadable app that allows users to create six second videos that loop continuously and are simple to share on Twitter and Facebook, as well as embed into web pages. 
Users are able to customize their profile page as well as follow brands, celebs and friends. 

What is Vine?



Hold and lift finger as much as you want in six seconds, constraint requires creativity.

Creative Case Studies

Lowe's, #fixinsix

Used along with the brand's Twitter marketing strategy, Lowe's created the #fixinsix Vine video demonstrating a variety of DIY of tasks for their audience. 



Oreo, #snackhacks

A Mad Hatter favourite, Oreo came up with #snackhacks to show different ways to indulge in their cookies.  #snackhacks show ways to consume their product one wouldn’t have thought of before. Showing an audience different ways they can use a product other than how it was intended for is crafty.

Brands committed to vine are able to capture the millennial market that appreciates and expects video content, as almost all marketing is interactive or involves video.

General Electric

Another Mad Hatter fave, GE creatively displays different science projects on their Vine account, giving video visuals to how things work in science. By showing the audience how to do something, how something is made or views from behind the scenes is a great way to excite and engage the audience.


Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptor's have great branding across all social outlets. The brand has a massive Vine following and posts clips daily. The fans love to view the loops of highlights from a game, their fan base as well as their athletes. 



As creative and original as the information they offer, Mashable has gained over 75 thousand followers over one year by maintaining a consistent presence and posting every other day. The brand engages followers by hosting challenges and offering entertaining information.


Nicholas Megalis

Nicholas is a 27 year old social media personality best known for his creative vines. Nicholas had gained over 4 million followers in less than two years and has the most viewed vines in history.


Logan Paul 

Vine star with almost 8 million followers whose goal is to be the biggest entertainer in the world. He makes thousands of dollars for loaning his audience to brands and companies and has even received a small role in Law & Order. His audience consists of mostly young girls and his vines are a mix of comedy and memes.


Brittany Furlan

Brittany is a 29 year old American internet personality who Time Magazine has referred to as one of the most influential people on the internet. She was was nominated for Viner teen choice award and has worked with Wendy's, Trident and Reebok to name a few.

Suited for today's audience (which has short attention span), Vine forces businesses to come up with creative ways to display products and services.

Fast Facts

  • 1 billion+ vine loops played daily
  • 70% of users in the millennial market
  • weekends most popular time
  • owned by Twitter
  • 5 vines tweeted each second

Learn the Lingo

  • vine - short six second video
  • viner - someone who regularly uses the platform
  • on fleek - when something is on point or perfect
  • squad - regular group of friends
  • yaaaaaas - same as yes but enthusiastic
  • activity tab - shows interactions and likes, Vine has options to leave likes and comments (like Instagram)
  • #sp - sponsored post, used to audience knows it was paid for
The look and feel of app is similar to Instagram, offering a scrollable feed of fun.


  • Advertising on Vine consists of short six second video clip to upload and share on certain social media sites, where brands can as users to share the content as well.
  • Vine doesn't have a partner program and does not share ad revenue with viners, nor does Vine sell advertising for creators like other platforms.
  • Viners earn cash by selling brands access to their audience, some viners have tens of millions of followers
  • Platform for creativity and has turned users into stars, or brands pay top dollar for revine or shout outs (ie: millions of followers = 5k)

Mad Takeaways

  • Able to add music
  • can browse (top pics, popular now or categories)
  • can’t take video from phone and load it at another time - Vine is in the moment 
  • Challenge is to do something unique that audience will want to share
  • Favourite among musicians, brands and avid social media users
  • Vine logo attached to the v same way a vine would wrap around a tree, if you turn logo upside down a six appears (max time for video)

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