According to strategy magazine online, Sephora is the retailer innovator of the year. Using the TIP strategy - Sephora encourages their clients to teach, inspire and play when it comes to beauty. 

With over two thousand stores, across 33 countries, Sephora has made its statement in the beauty and skincare world. 


With majority of their clients spread out across the world, Sephora needed to reach their audience on a global level. Reaching their massive audience along with having the ability to demonstrate products digitally became priority for the brand. Personalization in experience was key in their marketing tactic.

Sephora has 61 stores in Canada, 14 of them are in the GTA. 


Along with pop-up shops, beauty influencers in the stores, consultations offered on the go (beauty bikes) and Beauty Studios (where expert advice and makeovers are offered) - Sephora also offers interactive offerings - check them out below. 


Subscription Service 

For $10 a month, a box is delivered with five sample items, as well as a fragrance. 


Subscription boxes are great way to engage and delight consumers - who wouldn't want a sample selection of beauty products delivered once a month?! 


Virtual Assistant 

This application allows you to upload an image of your face, then try on a wide variety make up through augmented reality. 


Created by ModiFace, the application considers skin tones and allows users to try different make up on their face - including false eyelashes and contouring.  



Customizable emojis that were released last year that allow you to change the hair colour, skin tone and make up shades. 


Use Sephojis to enhance, and personalize your conversations with family and friends.



Beauty Board

The beauty board has a strong resemblance to Pinterest - you can shop different make up looks and see how specific products look on actual people who've uploaded images of them wearing it. 

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