The Internet of Things is transforming how we interact with everyday objects, routines, and processes. As IoT transforms even the most monotone and routine elements, there are significant breakthroughs happening, providing innovative solutions and mitigation to the environmental footprints we make every day. And when it comes to water conservation and WaterTech, there are two rockstars making waves.

Nest's Fluid App

The Fluid App uses flow sensors to instantly display water consumption in a household. By placing sensors in the most commonly used faucets, taps, etc., you can track how much water your household uses and, more importantly, change habits to conserve water.

Nest's Fluid Mobile Application uses the Internet of Things to track water usage in a household

To aid in the changing of habits and consumption, you can set water targets, alerts, and track conservation through the application. It also tracks how much you've saved on your monthly bills, along with any rebates from actively using conservation tools.

Screenshots of the nest's fluid mobile application for water conversation technology

EveryDrop LA App

The EveryDrop LA mobile application came out of the historical drought happening in California over the last few years. The mobile application utilizes Los Angeles' Esri system, a GIS system used globally, bridging citizens with the Public Works department at the City to identity, stop, and fix water waste.

Using the mobile application, citizens are able to identify and directly report any instances of water waste and look at the businesses/areas around them with water waste reports. Cities can also use the application to alert users and citizens to conserve water during dought watches and warnings. Completing the social, local, mobile circuit, the application also allows citizens and cities to create community conversations - either through the application itself or on social media.


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