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November 13, 2015 -
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Interactive digital displays can be as small as mobile tablets, or as big as the largest screens. Individuals interact with technology across a variety of means on a daily basis, but as the world becomes more digitized, interactive digital displays are changing the way we engage.

Coke makes us move to the beat in malls.


There is a difference between digital displays and interactive digital displays.  Interactive digital displays (IDD) engage us to move, play, interact, and join in fun and interactive games and activities bring great joy and delight in the experience which is why marketers and brand management teams are integrating interactive digital display into their strategies.

Smart Cars Gets Us Playing Car Pong



The interactive display is a marketing tool that is customer orientated, allowing the customer to feel appreciated, and in turn they remain loyal and appreciate the brand. Interactive displays can capture product features, can have swiping with just the motion of your hands or arms using gesture technology.  Kids can get in the action too and forget they even have a boo boo.

Band-Aid Helps Little Ones Forget Their Boo Boos



The main purpose of an interactive display is to create a ‘wow factor’ with the customer and enhance their experience as a consumer. This type of engagement encourages creating an amazing digital engagement experience. There are multiple purposes for and types of interactive displays available ranging from IWB, kiosks, digital mirrors, interactive tables, motion sensors and touch screens which can swipe and take photos.

Interactive displays command attention, create in store entertainment, engage and educate customers about products, and encourage further web browsing. Prior to purchasing an interactive display, one should consider what exactly they want the display to do, how wide of an audience they intend to reach, and who is included in that targeted audience.  You will need to consider your budget and which desired display features are involved - wireless, required resolution, LCD or LED, multi-user, ease of use - to build a great brand experience.  You should think about mobile devices and use creativity to see if your digital engagement can be integrated with mobile devices allowing users to play with their smartphones while watching the game or chasing the leaderboard on the big screen.

Mercedes Delights With An Invisible Car


And if you do have the budget, you can make a display out of just about anything - even a car - and build brand buzz, create digital eMotion and dazzle audiences young and old alike. This is digital brand engagement at its essence.  

Sociology studies immersed Nicole in the study of human social relationships and institutions.   An understanding of how human action and consciousness shape our surrounding social and cultural structures has provided unique insights into the digital media space.  There has been a paradigm shift in technology and its impact on society, as the use of digital engagement and technology use has transformed this landscape.  Nicole has taken a keen interest in understanding digital engagement and social media, and in particular, the impact of this digital ecosystem for clients, customers, consumers, partners, and key stakeholders. After graduating from Conestoga College with an Office Administration diploma, Nicole decided to further her postsecondary education in Sociology at York University.  Marketing work experience, followed in client services, supporting promotional initiatives and creative campaigns for Nissan, Infiniti and Expedia. Nicole Reilly is as energetic as she is efficient, and has a passion for people. As a 'shindig specialist' Nicole enjoys good company, conversation and food.  During her downtime she likes to read and write or get creative in the kitchen.
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