Importance of Hashtags & Geolocations

June 12, 2017 -
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hashtags and geolocations

Ever click on a hashtag and get taken to a collection of images using the same hashtag? What about clicking on a geolocation and seeing the collection of images taken at the same place? If you have, you are well aware of the significance of attaching hashtags or geolocations onto pictures you post.

Include a hashtag or two on images and captions in order to reach a wider audience. 

Aside from logging into personal accounts and sharing updates with friends and family, most social media platforms are also search engines, meaning you can select the search option and type a word out and search all content that has been listed and attached to that word, with a hashtag (if you don't believe me - try it out right now on your favorite platform). 



A hashtag is defined as a 'metadata' tag, and when used in a caption, status, blog or image it allows the content to become part of a collection of items that have used the same hashtag. 



Geolocation is defined as identifying or estimating the geographic coordinates of an object, in relation to positioning. 

Hashtags and geolocations are helpful to be found, or to find specific information while online. 


People search for businesses, inspiration & ideas, relevant content and even how to dress appropriately (I've checked an establishments geolocation collection in order to see what others have worn to events) on social media outlets. 

Clickable hashtags and geolocations allow for your content to join a massive collection of content, therefore your company and content will appear to a larger audience. 

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