Google continued to impress at this year's 2016 I/O mega event. They announced upcoming latest features, devices and latest apps with the highest expectations, and did they ever deliver. The hot topic and highlight of the day was Google’s teaser of Instant Apps.




    With countless apps for all different kinds of usefulness, there are only a select few that we use on daily basis. 1 in every 4 apps downloaded by a general user goes unused, which is exactly what Google wants to eliminate. Rather going through the hassle of downloading an app for one-time use, they have created a way to get the information you need without filling up valuable memory storage. When you click on a link, instead of going through the website or having to download an app, it draws upon the specific code needed in order fulfill the request. As a result, you are left to enjoy a section of the app minus the time it takes to download it from the app store.



With the ability to enter apps with a touch of a button, it makes operating activities much easier. Shopping or paying for a parking ticket online, for example, it will be much quicker for users to bounce around different apps. Developers are re-coding current apps in order to make them ​compatible with Instant App, but it will be interesting to witness their success with this concept in the near future. Along with all the other improvements they have made, Google has once again, made life on the mobile phone instantaneously easier.


Check out these following videos that further explain



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