Recently acquired by Google, FameBit is an online marketplace that connects brands and influencers on a daily basis. 

FameBit originally connected YouTube influencers with brands so that they could advertise their products and services, for an opportunity to earn money by connecting the brand with the relevant audience.

FameBit now connects brands with influences across multiple social media channels - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are a few of the popular ones. 




Them. Us. You. 

Anyone can sign up an account to be considered by a brand as an influencer. 


FameBit is an online platform that connects brands with influencers, and offers compensation for those influencers with the widest reach.  


 'Viral marketing' is a great way to reach the widest audience, and plenty of promotion and business transactions occur online so this is a great place to connect brands and influencers. 


Whenever you want. As a brand, or an influencer you have to do is sign up and complete the review process. Once accepted, you get to work, word of mouth. 


FameBit connects brands with influencers via sponsored posts. To be able to sponsor posts, one needs to be active on a social media channel that FameBit works with, and have over 5000 followers. 

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