There is a new Facebook feature that you might not be aware of called Facebook 360 Photo. This feature allows you to add images that become interactive, as you can view images from different angels and discover what is above, behind and next to you. 

The new feature was announced on June 9, and already brands and celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney have experimented with images and added some impressive 360 Photos on their Facebook accounts, and have encouraged fans to do the same by adding a branded hashtag to their 360 photos. 

Facebook 360 Photos are a great way to share news and events and enhance the user experience on your company Facebook Page.

The photos are great way to showcase: 

  • Festivals and concerts
  • Conferences
  • Cities
  • Scenery 

To take a 360 photo, all you need an iPhone or Samsung phone. Simply decide on the moment or place you want to capture, take a panorama or photo sphere, and then upload it to Facebook and share it with your friends and followers. 

You can also create 360 photos with special 360 camera hardware, or by using apps such as Street View and Google Camera.

Facebook makes the process very user friendly, and automatically converts panorama photos into the immersive 360-degree view when you upload and share the photos.  however, you must have the latest version of the Facebook mobile app installed on your device to enable 360 photos. Unfortunately if you have previously uploaded panoramas or photo spheres, they do not automatically convert to 360 photos. 

Our team had a lot of fun putting the technology to the test and uploaded a photo of our Kitchener office to our Facebook Page.


We encourage you to try out the new feature and enjoy experimenting. Let us know what you think of the Facebook 360 Photos by commenting on our Facebook Page, and tagging us in your 360 images. 

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