Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970. Each year a theme is selected in celebration of the earth and as a reminder that what we do, affects the planet we live on both positively and negatively. This year, the theme is environmental & climate literacy


Earth Day is recognized worldwide, and dedicated to celebrating the earth. There are many ways to show appreciation of, and respect for the earth - see some examples below.


  • take time to be outdoors - unplug from electronics and enjoy the earth! 
  • go green - reduce, reuse, recycle 
  • don't drive - walk, run, roller blade or ride a bike for the day 
  • e-waste - don't toss electronics in the trash, find appropriate places to drop them off 
  • plant food - for yourself, neighbourhood or organization 
  • share something - clothing, home or electronics  
Check out David Suzuki's tip on enjoying Earth Day this year. 

Google is also updating Google Earth in time for Earth Day 2017. 


Below are some neat applications in celebration and recognition of Earth Day. 


Earth is Art

This application captures satellite images taken by NASA of the earth, framing them so that they look like artwork that could be displayed in a museum. The images also include details regarding the image presented. 


WWF Together 

World Wild Life Fund shows the importance of working together to maintain and save the earth in order to protect endangered species. Information regarding the animals endangered is included as well. 


Make Change, Not Waste 

This application rewards its users with Whole Foods coupons and incentives for making green choices, such as bringing a reusable grocery bag, riding a bike to the store and recycling any materials from produce and products purchased. 

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