“Technology is always changing, so the way we police must change as well"

Technology is changing ever so quickly and it is something police services are trying to keep on top of. Technology, like any sector, helps make production quicker and more efficient, so with the help of technology, it is easier for police services make our lives and communities safer.


Drones Can Help in These Areas:

  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Bomb Investigation
  • Missing Persons
  • Criminal Surveillance and Pursuit
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Crime Scene Analysis



Drones have become ever so popular, this year's sales accounting for 130 million, which is 55% more than the sales in 2014. Although is does seems to be more popular in the States, some Canadian police services such as the OPP have recognized the advantages incorporating drones into the patrol fleet. An on going problem for police services right now is where people are flying these newly bought drones. There seems to a trend of drone flyers pilots trying to get a unique video or photo of aircraft taking off or landing.  The obvious safety concerns with drones sharing the same airspace is a message police services across Canada could not be more clear on when addressing these recreational drone pilots. 



Police Drone Police Drone


As technology progresses and drones becomes more common equipment in the police services, there is a growing concerns with the privacy of common citizens. It is important to remember that drones that are operating under direct orders with a specific goal. In other words, these drones are up in the sky to stop crimes, they are not there looking for crime to stop.


Check out this video that shows one way drones are helping reduce crime and ensure the safety of our community.


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