In eight glorious days, I will be in the sun-soaked land of Orlando, Florida in the happiest place in the world. You guessed it - I’ll be calling the Coronado Spring Resort at Disney World home for a glorious week.

Being the techie that I am, one of the most exciting parts of this experience is getting up close and personal with Disney’s Magic Band technology. A combination of mobile integration, BlueTooth connectivity, and geo-location technology, the Magic Band fits everything in my wallet, Mary Poppin’s bottomless carpet bag, and more into a tiny strip of plastic.

Disney Magic Band tapping a Disney Kiosk

Basically, if you are an annual pass holder or are staying at a Disney resort, you get one of these fancy things. The Bands are your keys to your room, your method of payment (connected to a credit card of choice, of course!), your dining plans, and your reservations.

Disney Magic Band paying for food in Disney World

Using BlueTooth technology, the Bands interact with a variety of kiosks. These kiosks can either be used to skip the lines for attractions (FastPass+), get you into the parks, open up your doors, pay for your meals, and much, much more.

The Kiosks that interact with Disney's Magic Bands at Disney World

The beautiful thing is that Magic Bands are waterproof, so you have no excuse to take them off. The only other Disney resort to use them is the new Shanghai park. It’s clear, however, that Disney’s Imagineers are looking to integrate technology at all points in the Disney experience. These Magic Bands are just one small part.

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