The artwork that can be created using Fractals is gorgeous. I just stumbled on Jock Cooper's Fractal Art animation gallery while we were looking for examples to post.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they are a great example of how social media networks spread. 

Going viral is an ambitious goal, but it's not just a matter of luck. For example, Old Spice Guy was a very well planned campaign. This is where the importance of creatively brainstorming your strategy comes in. There is still an important structure behind the brainstorming and that structure is based on the point-of-view of your customer. While you may have created the coolest innovation in technology, unless the customers know that a) it exists and it solves a problem and b) that they're willing to pay for it, they're not going to take notice.

If you look under the hood of the Old Spice Guy campaign, the marketing team clearly thought about who was buying the Old Spice and toyed with their fantasies and came right out and said "I'm the guy you want YOUR guy to smell like." Identifying and understanding your customers, what they struggle with, what keeps them up at night, helps build a strategic base. Translating your "features" into something that connects to their limbic reptilian brain and motivates them to hand their money over in exchange for the vision of what you're offering as a solution to their pain is what brings it all together.

It's by thrilling your customer and compelling them to share your product and/or service that makes you stand out as a brand worth investing in.

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