Water covers almost three quarters of the earth . It's present in large bodies of water, below the ground, in the air and clouds, as well as in precipitation. Our bodies are made up of it and all living specifies depend on it to survive.


When it comes to water, we need to refrain from wasting and practice protecting this important resource that animals, humans and the earth need to survive.


In order to create an effective social or digital campaign, the content needs to be compelling. Even in selecting references when collecting content for this blog, the campaigns reviewed had to have been compelling in order for me to choose to share them - which is the same as an targeted campaign audience feeling the need to forward the information you provide. 


Check out these neat campaigns below used to cause conversation and awareness surrounding water.


UNICEF challenges individuals to refrain from using their mobile devices in order. For each 15 minutes spent off of your device, S'well provides the equivalent of a day's worth of clean water for a child. 


It's neat to see how a 'digital detox' has the influence to inspire individuals to put their device down for a great cause.  




Charity Water 

Creating conversation regarding the water crisis, Charity Water informs us of the importance of water - from education, health, food and poverty views. 


The Charity group breaks down, what some people have to do to obtain the water they need to search for in order to survive, and offers ideas for solution s- donations, filtration systems, wells and other forms of solutions to work towards ending the water crisis. 




"Drowning in Plastic" 

The City of Toronto's tap water is ranked as some of the cleanest in the word, yet people rely on bottled water, daily. We live in a society where we've been led to believe that bottled water is a must, where drinking 'tap water' is considered unsanitary. 


In order to show the result of not drinking tap water or using refillable bottles, Art Director Chad Burnie placed multiple plastic bottles in the advertising windows of select bus shelters in order to show how space is being used to house plastic bottles - when we can easy be eliminating them from the environment.





SodaStream knows water, they also know that it can be challenging to influence kids to drink water, especially in a society that places soda pop and juices in front of us often - so a campaign was created to encourage consumption of water by making it 'exciting'. 



Mad Water Saving Tips 

  • use a refillable bottle 
  • don't run the tap while brushing your teeth 
  • turn off the tap when lathering your hands
  • take shorter showers 
  • collect rain water to water your lawn with 
  • inform others how to save 


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