Movies and popcorn are a match made in heaven. So it should come as no surprise that the team at Cineplex Entertainment has come up with an innovative promotion that is centered around a popcorn bag full of surprises.

Cineplex Entertainment set up the oversized popcorn bag in “Lightning Alley” in Windsor, Ontario, which is known to get lightning an average of 47 days a year.

The company argues that they are Canada’s popcorn experts, however they seem to be unsure about the outcome of their recent experiment and have asked their fans on social media #WeatherOrNot the popcorn bag will pop if struck by lightning. By participating in the vote, fans are entered to win free popcorn. 

There is also a live-feed and weather forecast on the website, so viewers can watch along to see #WeatherOrNot the bag will pop if lightning strikes. 

Here is a behind the scenes looks at the magic behind the bag. 

#WeatherOrNot the bag pops, we are mad about this idea and think the integrated digital marketing campaign is a great way to build buzz and brand awareness. 

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