We love powerful marketing campaigns that allow brands to build better connections with consumers. Surprise and delight campaigns are just that, an opportunity to build brand loyalty with some unexpected rewards.
After watching Air Canada’s recent surprise and delight video where passengers were treated to a free weekend in Toronto. This marketing tactic needs to be in your marketing plan and give you some mad tips that you can put into action.



Mad Tip #1: Use social media as a tool to reach new audiences

Mad Tip #2: Be authentic

Mad Tip #3 Connect emotionally with powerful storytelling

Mad Tip #4 Involve technology

Mad Tip #5 Do the little things so that your customers are your biggest advocates

Mad Tip #6 Offer unexpected discounts and perks


As you can see surprise and delights can be big and small and in some cases, cost very little to make a big impact. When executed well, these campaigns can also build some buzz for your brand on social media and catch the attention of media, who are always searching for something newsworthy. Plus you can offer additional content to your fans and followers such as behind-the-scenes footage and photos.

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