Due to the variety of music streaming apps available, people are less likely to purchase music (off of iTunes, in stores and online). Youtube and other streaming / download services have been around for quite some time, but with data consumption and advertisements, it is sometimes not ideal to stream from such sites. 


Founded in Sweden in 2008, Spotify was created by a startup company named 'Spotify AB'.  With over 30 million songs from independent and major labels, Spotify gives members access to music housed in the cloud at any time from across the globe.


Spotify is a streaming service that plays from the cloud - with options to download albums and crafted playlists for listening while offline. 

Aside from offering the ability to stream music, Spotify provides video, podcast and video clip streaming services. This application works on all types of smartphones, tablets PCs, game consoles and TV boxes (ie Android box). 



Spotify is available in over 50 languages (mobile) and available in 20 languages on the desktop version. ​


Fast Facts 

  • 40 million paying subscribers
  • access to over 30 million songs
  • can search by artist, album, genre or title 
  • ability to import music from iTunes
  • tracks of major and independent labels
  • can share songs and albums directly with friends 


Free account vs paid account


A paid account allows you to download and save albums and mixes, so that you may listen ad free as well as play offline where as a free account will be interrupted by advertisements and not give you the option to skip or choose a specific song in a playlist. 

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