Design thinking is a methodology we use to inspire creative thinking in both marketing and technology engagements. Herbert Simon, in the “Sciences of the Artificial” (MIT Press, 1969) has defined “design” as the

Transformation of existing conditions into preferred ones.
Herbert Simon
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Design thinking is, always linked to an improved future. Unlike critical thinking, which is a process of analysis and is associated with the ‘breaking down’ of ideas, design thinking is a creative process based around the ‘building up’ of ideas. There are no judgments in design thinking. The power of the design thinking process can only be realized by businesses and teams who are open to the concept and the collaborative process of design thinking.

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This openness eliminates the fear of failure and encourages maximum input and participation. Wild ideas are welcome, since these often lead to the most creative solutions. Everyone is a designer, and design thinking is a way to apply design methodologies to different aspects of an entire business or specific development engagement.

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